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What can I recycle?

Rubbish_Ronnie.jpg Recycling, rubbish and other items - which bin do I use?

Our recycling mascot Recycle Annie is back in a new campaign with her little brother ready to remind you "Don't Be A Ronnie"- non-recyclable items go in the rubbish bin.

Annie and Ronnie encourage you to put the right things into your recycling bin and your rubbish bin.

More than 30 per cent of household rubbish bin contain recyclable items, so make sure you get the right items into the right bin.

Always put your recyclables in the bin loose (not in plastic bags) and rinse them out in your dirty dishwater to save water.

If you live in the Shire of Buloke, Loddon, Swan Hill, Gannawarra or Wakool please follow this link to find out all you need to know about waste and recycling in these communities

"Don't Be A Ronnie" make sure you know exactly what you can and can't put into your kerbside rubbish and recycling bin.

Below are some of the things Recycling Annie loves to eat but remember she hates plastic bags.




Plastic milk, juice, soft drink & detergent bottles with codes   


 Plastic ice cream, margarine and takeaway containers with codes  








Newspapers, magazines and shredded paper  

 Aluminium and steel cans, foil trays    





Glass bottles and jars  

 Cardboard milk and juice cartons    





Letters, envelopes, advertising material, telephone books,

work and school papers  



More information is available at what can and can't be recycled?

What does Rubbish Ronnie eat?

  • Plastic bags (all types), plastic wrappers, cling wrap and bubble wrap
  • Expanded polystyrene products eg. packaging, food trays, disposable cups
  • Soiled cardboard and waxed cardboard
  • Crockery, glassware, incandescent light globes, window glass
  • Nappies
  • Food waste (please consider composting your fruit and veggie scraps)

Green waste

Refers to waste suitable for composting and worm farming.

These materials include lawn clippings, leaves, fruit and vegetables.

The material can be recycled at your premises or delivered to the landfill at Eaglehawk for mulching.

We do not provide a kerbside collection service for domestic green waste.

However residents who are interested in arranging a kerbside green waste collection service can contact Greenaway Bins Pty Ltd or phone 1300 033 606.

While we commend and encourage this service the City of Greater Bendigo has no involvement in the provision of this service. It is a commercial service and the conditions of collection are between Greenaway and the customer.

What about other items?

There are recycling systems for a range of other items at the Eaglehawk Eco Centre and at transfer stations and through specialised recycling collection programs.

Household chemicals

Unwanted household chemicals can be disposed of through the free Detox Your Home service.


Unwanted paint can be recycled at the Eaglehawk Eco Centre and at transfer stations.

Gas cylinders

Old gas cylinders can be recycled at the Eaglehawk Eco Centre or at transfer stations.

E-recycling program

You can take all your electrical appliances to the Eaglehawk Eco Centre or transfer stations.  

Scrap metal

Engine parts, motors and scrap metal can be taken to the Eaglehawk Eco Centre or transfer stations for recycling.

Oil recycling

Used motor oil can be recycled for free at the Eaglehawk Eco Centre and at transfer stations.

Compact fluorescent globes and tubes

Globes and tubes can be recycled at the Eaglehawk Eco Centre or transfer stations.


Drop all types of used batteries to the Eaglehawk Eco Centre or transfer stations.

Toys and clothes

Items in good condition can be dropped off at your local opportunity shop.

Updated: 1:59 PM, 20 September 2013