Bendigo City Centre Travel Plan

The Bendigo City Centre Travel Plan was adopted by Council at its 14 April, 2010 ordinary meeting. The Travel Plan was prepared using survey data from approximately 4,400 surveys. It was endorsed by the project's Steering Committee, which has been instrumental in the preparation of the plan. This group is chaired by Councillor James Reade and also includes representatives from the Bendigo Traders Association, Bendigo Business Council, Department of Transport, Bendigo +25 Transport Action Group, Bendigo Marketplace and the City of Greater Bendigo.

The objectives outlined in the Bendigo City Centre Travel Plan are to:

  • Reduce the number of single occupant motor vehicle trips to and from the City Centre;
  • Increase the number of active travel trips made to and from the City Centre; and
  • Reinforce the City Centre as an active place to work, shop, live and visit.

The Bendigo City Centre Travel Plan includes a number of behavioural change actions to be implemented over three years from 2010 to 2013. While behaviour change is a gradual process, we do expect to see shifts towards more sustainable travel patterns within the Bendigo City Centre as barriers are systematically removed from people's participation in sustainable transport. A summary of the actions contained in the Bendigo City Centre Travel Plan is provided below:

  • Establishment of a TravelSmart Bendigo bulletin to promote sustainable transport;
  • 'Try the Bus' promotions in conjuction with Department of Transport;
  • Promotion of Ride to Work Day and Walktober; and
  • Development of a Travel Plan kit for new businesses and residents.

TravelSmart and the City of Greater Bendigo

The City of Greater Bendigo is excited to be participating in the Department of Transport's TravelSmart initiative. The Bendigo TravelSmart project has been designed to systematically address the way people access and use Bendigo's CBD. It will identify people's current travel behaviour, consult with them about barriers and benefits to sustainable travel, and work on strategies to encourage more sustainable travel.

A key component of the project revolves around the participation of major CBD businesses and schools in developing their own customised travel plans. The aim of the travel plans is to encourage people to substitute some of their trips made in cars with more sustainable (not to mention cheaper and healthier) forms of transport.

At the conclusion of the three year TravelSmart program, the Bendigo CBD will have a travel plan that will assist everyone that comes into the CBD to travel in a more sustainable way. The successful implementation of the travel plan is expected to result in health benefits for those choosing sustainable forms of transport, more vibrant and active city streets, less congested roads for those that are unable to use sustainable transport, and significant environmental benefits as we not only adapt to the impacts of climate change, but also work to mitigate such impacts.

One activity already carried out as part of the TravelSmart project is the creation of a TravelSmart Map for central Bendigo. Bendigo is the first regional area to produce a pocket sized TravelSmart street map to provide sustainable transport information for residents and visitors. The map contains information on local walking and cycling groups, discounts on bikes and accessories from local bike shops, cycling tips and road rules for bicycle riding and public transport information. The map was first developed in 2008 and was recently updated in February 2011. The map is available at the following locations:

  • COGB Customer Service or, by calling the Strategy Unit on 5434 6148;
  • Local bike shops;
  • Local cafes and shops;
  • Download from the link below.

TravelSmart Map front page
TravelSmart Map back page

The Bendigo TravelSmart Map was developed by the Department of Transport and the City of Greater Bendigo to provide sustainable transport information on a pocket-sized street map.
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TravelSmart in Victoria

TravelSmart is a Victorian Government program that aims to reduce people's dependency on cars and encourage them to choose sustainable travel alternatives for more of their travel. These options include such things as travelling by public transport, cycling, walking and carpooling. TravelSmart is administered in Victoria by the Walking and Cycling Branch of the Department of Transport. If you would like more information on TravelSmart Victoria go to TravelSmart.

If you are interested in getting fit, loosing some weight or just exercising to feel great you may be interested in registering yourself at WalkSmart or CycleSmart. All you need to do is buy yourself a pedometer (for walking) or an odometer (for cycling) and track your daily progress easily on the web site.

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B-Line is an initiative of the City of Greater Bendigo and the Shire of Loddon to help communities work together to improve local transport. It is funded through the State Government's Transport Connections Program. To find out more please visit the B-line site.

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