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Bendigo is currently preparing an application to be appointed as Australia’s first UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

Becoming a City of Gastronomy is a celebration not just of Greater Bendigo’s strengths, but of our whole region – our history, potential and creativity in all things food and drink. It is an opportunity to show the world how we promote and reward excellence within our local food systems, how we champion sustainability and work towards equal access to healthy food, how we drive excellence in food industry training and open our doors to new global opportunities and investment for our region 

This is not a single event; should Greater Bendigo successfully be recognised as a City of Gastronomy, this recognition will continue to define, influence and nurture our region’s gastronomic potential for years to come.

Can you contribute to the application process?

You don’t need to work within the hospitality or agriculture sectors to be involved, although if you are, we want to hear from you.

You may be a food hero breaking down barriers, championing equality and bringing people together through food. Perhaps you have insights to our food consumption, history or current landscape.  You could be a trailblazer who knows a thing or two about instigating health change, manufacturing innovation or food source sustainability.  We are calling on individuals who are passionate about our region and want to elevate its produce, who want to motivate people and raise the bar on excellence.

We would like your input about the regional strengths, challenges, products and collaborations that make our City and surrounds what it is today.  Tell us about individuals or groups who should be included.

Provide your feedback via the FEEDBACK SURVEY.

Feedback will be collated and we will continue to engage with you based on your preferred level of involvement.

You can also help by spreading the word, sharing this initiative within your workplace or with friends, family and passionate supporters of the region. 

We are looking for involvement from the following groups/categories: 

Food Producer/Retailer/Advocate 

Growing, breeding, harvesting, processing or distribution of great food at any level.

Beverage Producer/Retailer/Advocate 

Contribution to the growing, making, serving or appreciation of beer, cider, wine, spirits or other beverages.


Spreading the word and encouraging the appreciation of food and wine, careful consumption, healthy eating or any food related subject, through new or old media, teaching, writing, broadcasting or otherwise – developing an appetite for more.

Chef/Restaurateur/Hospitality Professional 

Bringing enjoyment and appreciation of great food and wine to us all by virtue of your skill, talent, passion and integrity.

Local Hero 

Making a positive contribution to our food culture from a grass-roots level, whether working as an individual or as part of a community.

More information

For more information download our FAQ sheet.

We welcome your feedback.

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