Invitations to the Mayor

Please complete the online form below to invite the Mayor to your event. Please provide as much information about your event as possible, particularly event background, any acknowledgments and guests and exactly what role you would like the Mayor to play on the day.

This will help us respond more quickly to your enquiry and assist the Mayor to be fully prepared when they attend your event. The form allows you to upload attachments and photos if required.

If the Mayor is unavailable, do you want the invitation to be extended to the Deputy Mayor?*
If choosing 'Other', please specify a specific Councillor.
Please note the time of the event plus any additional information, e.g. 6.30pm for a 7pm start.
Please note the arrival and departure time that the Mayor/Councillor is required to be in attendance e.g. attendance between 10.30 and 11am.
Please note the time during the event that the Mayor/Councillor is required to speak e.g.10.30am. If no speaking role is required, write N/A.

Note: If you have indicated above that the Mayor/Councillor has a speaking role, please select 'Official duties' at the end of this form and complete all requested fields.

Please note, the Mayor or Councillor may not be able to attend for the entire event duration.
Venue address*
Is the venue:*

Please provide your details as the submitter of this form. 

Please provide contact details for the person who will meet the Mayor/Councillor at the event. If these are the same as the person submitting the form, please write 'As above'. 

For example a launch, official opening, anniversary etc
For example what is the significance of the event, why are you holding the event, things to note, relevance of the event etc
Have you received funding or grant assistance from the City of Greater Bendigo?*
Dress code*
Are Mayoral Robes requested?*
Seating arrangements*
Event invitation
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Order of proceedings/Agenda
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Please provide detail or an order of event proceedings / running sheet.
Is the Mayor only required to attend or are there official duties?*
By selecting attendance only, you acknowledge that the Mayor/Councillors will be attending only and not performing any role at the event, such as speaking.*
Please detail exactly what you require the Mayor or Councillor to do during the proceedings e.g. perform an official welcome, official opening, toast etc.
e.g. 5 or 10 minutes
Please detail the exact things - key messages - you wish the Mayor or Councillor to mention or speak about.
If so please list those to be acknowledged at the start of the speech and those to be thanked within the speech.
Will there be a stage/lectern with a microphone?*

We welcome your feedback.

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