Local Government Act

Feedback has now closed on the development of a Public Transparency Policy, Governance Rules and Election Period Policy. These documents are a new requirement under the new Local Government Act 2020 passed by State Parliament earlier this year.

The purpose of the Public Transparency Policy is to formalise Council’s commitment to open, transparent and accountable administration and decision-making.

It is also designed to foster timely access to information and to improve community awareness and understanding of what Council information is available and how to access it.

The development of Governance Rules is a new requirement for Victorian Councils. The purpose of the Rules includes to:

  • Regulate proceedings at meetings of Council,
  • Regulate the procedure for the election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and
  • Support local community participation in the system of local government

Once adopted by Council, the Governance Rules will replace the rules relating to meeting procedure contained in the Greater Bendigo City Council Local law – Process of municipal Government 2020.

The purpose of the new Election Period Policy is to ensure that general Council elections scheduled for October 2020 and any future by-elections for the Council are conducted in a manner that is ethical, fair and equitable.

It specifies procedures leading up to the election intended to prevent the Council from making inappropriate decisions, taking inappropriate actions or using resources inappropriately during the election period.

Thanks to those who provided feedback during the exhibition period. The Public Transparency Policy, Governance Rules and Election Period Policy will be considered for adoption at the August 19, 2020 Council meeting.

We welcome your feedback.

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