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Members of the public can ask questions of broad interest to Council and the community to be heard at Council Meetings.

If your question is about routine Council works, you should instead make a request with our Customer Service Officers. 

By the time planning matters have reached the council agenda, they have been through an extensive process as required by the Planning and Environment Act. In addition, in most instances mediation has been held between the parties involved. Throughout the process there are many opportunities for the people to ask questions. Therefore, no questions relating to planning matters on the Agenda will be accepted.

Public question time

The public question time is held at every Ordinary Meeting of the City of Greater Bendigo as close as practical to the start of the meeting (6pm). A maximum of 30 minutes is allocated for registered questions.

With the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions and the reintroduction of a capped public gallery at Council Meetings, the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions at the meeting is now available.

Please note that written questions can still be lodged by 2pm on the Friday prior to the Monday Council Meeting.

Questions lodged in writing by the deadline will be read out and answered by the Mayor or CEO or where appropriate, Councillors or Council Officers.

Acceptance of questions

Each person lodging a question of Council is required to include their name and address. Public question time is not an opportunity for making of statements or other comments. Council’s Meeting Procedure Local Law does not allow for comments as part of the question.

1.   An individual may only ask one question per meeting.

2.   In the event that the same or similar question is raised by more than one person, an answer may be given as a combined response.

3.   In the event that time does not permit all questions registered to be answered, questions will be answered in writing or referred to the next meeting if appropriate.

4.   The Mayor and or CEO have the right to decline registration on basis of:

  • Legal proceedings;
  • More appropriately addressed by other means;
  • Vague or lacking in substance, irrelevant, frivolous, insulting offensive, improper, defamatory or demeaning;
  • Answer likely to compromise his / her position;
  • Confidential, commercial-in-confidence.

5. Each individual whose registration form has been accepted or declined will be advised by the day of the scheduled meeting.

6. In the event of a registration form being declined the registration form will be circulated to the Mayor or Councillors for information.

Register your question online

Council Meetings are held Mondays. Public questions must be lodged by 2pm the Friday prior to the Council Meeting or can be made in person at the meeting.

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