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Petitions and joint letters with more than 10 signatures can be presented at formal council meetings. They must be related to issues that are of direct interest to the council.

In order to support the public disclosure of petitions as part of the democratic process, Council requires that all reports to Council Ordinary Meetings in response to public petitions will include a copy of the petition and the names of all signatories.

If your petition relates to town planning, it will be dealt with as part of the formal planning process, rather than separately at a Council meeting.

Your petition must be registered and follow content guidelines to be presented, accepted and considered by Council.

Register your petition

Petitions and joint letters must be lodged at our Customer Service Centre in sufficient time to be presented at the meeting.

Petitions and joint letters can be lodged by:

  • Mail to PO Box 733 Bendigo 3552
  • In person at 15 Hopetoun Street, Bendigo or 125 High Street, Heathcote

Persons submitting a petition or joint letter should include their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Request of Council

It is preferred that a petition should read: "We the undersigned residents and ratepayers of Greater Bendigo City Council formally request Council to …………… (specify the request)".

Every page of a petition or joint letter that people sign or agree to must have the wording of the whole of the petition or request.

The initiator of the petition or joint letter will receive a written response.

Acceptance and consideration of petitions and joint letters by Council

The Mayor and/or CEO have the right to decline the presentation of a petition or joint letter on the basis of:

  • Prosecution, summonses or any other litigation
  • Vague, irrelevant, insulting, improper or defamatory

Petitions and joint letters that are accepted are submitted to a council meeting.

If the officer dealing with the petition is unable or does not propose to accede to the request, a report on the issue must be submitted within two meetings of the date on which it was submitted. Petitions that deal with a planning matter will be considered within the statutory timeframe for the application as part of the planning report.

When the petition relates to an item on the agenda, it is considered when that particular issue is addressed during the meeting.

Guide for electronic petitions

Council prefers and gives more consideration to electronic petitions that include details of the request of Council on every page, the name, residential address and email address of petitioners (In the absence of a residential address a locality or post code is preferred).   

Council also prefers and gives more consideration to electronic petitions that have a majority of residents of the municipality, Victoria and Australia rather than overseas residents who may not have an understanding of the issues.

Council recognises that some of the popular electronic petition products do not provide the level of detail preferred by the Council and encourages residents initiating electronic petitions to explore petition platforms that provide more detail. Examples include iPetitions, Petition Buzz and Go Petition.

Contact us

To find out more about presenting a petition or joint letter to Council please contact us on 1300 002 642.

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