A Stronger Greater Bendigo – Economic Development Strategy 2020-2030

Adopted by Council on Wednesday August 19, 2020.

A stronger Greater Bendigo targets better and more sustainable businesses and jobs; improved health and wellbeing; strengthened skills and education levels; and actions that improve the environment and tackle climate change. A stronger Greater Bendigo 2030 has been developed and will be implemented through a collaborative partnership led by the Mayor and the CEOs of the following organisations:

  • City of Greater Bendigo
  • Greater Bendigo Youth Council
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • Be.Bendigo
  • Bendigo Education Council
  • Bendigo Health
  • Coliban Water
  • Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation
  • Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership

Also available is a summary document.

The Strategy’s vision for 2030 is to ‘shape an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous community where all people can thrive’.

The Strategy’s people-centric approach outlines bold initiatives that will provide focus and drive transformational change, ensuring that everyone living in Greater Bendigo can have the opportunity to thrive

The Strategy incorporates four strategic directions which set deliberate themes around more sustainable businesses and jobs; improved health and wellbeing; strengthened skills and education levels; and the environment. They being:

  1. Grow sustainable jobs and investment
  2. Increase liveability for all
  3. Better link jobs, education, skills and training offerings to the city and region’s needs
  4. Be widely envied as a leader in innovative environmental and climate change initiatives.

Fourteen broad initiatives have been developed from the strategic directions and provide outcomes to deliver. An action plan has been developed and included within this Strategy. While action is proposed on all, eight initiatives have been nominated as the highest priority (marked with an asterisk).

  1. Transform and revitalise our city centre*
  2. Capitalise on the opportunities presented by our new gold rush*
  3. Unlock land and build new key infrastructure particularly transport, to support major jobs growth and investment*
  4. Invest in and support business innovation
  5. Strengthen our brand and connections to the world
  6. Support and enable a much healthier community*
  7. Target investment in services, facilities and programs to communities most in need*
  8. Support all our communities and people to reach their full potential*
  9. Invest in building our higher education and skills training offerings and the transition pathways between them*
  10. Build on current local and regional procurement programs
  11. Grow our unique leading-edge work experience and industry engagement programs
  12. Plan and develop Bendigo and region as low carbon and circular economy leaders*
  13. Transition to a regionally owned  new energy economy
  14. Strengthen the city and region’s long-term water security plan

Video message from the Hon Jacinta Allan MP, Member for Bendigo East and Minister for Transport Infrastructure.

Video message from Jennifer Westacott, Business Council of Victoria

A stronger Greater Bendigo 2030 evolved from the Greater Bendigo Economic Development Strategy Discussion Paper which was released for public discussion and comment in July 2019.  There was strong support from members of the public and feedback through formal submissions and commentary from internal and external advisory groups and the Steering Committee. Links to the Discussion Paper and the Summary Version are available for download.