Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy Adopted

Adopted August 31, 2016

The Bendigo urban area, our towns and rural areas are all shaped by our approach to housing. The Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy (GBHS) will provide guidance on the location, type and form of housing that is required into the future to suit the changing needs of our community.

The GBHS will:

  • Cater for a growing population with changing housing needs.
  • Support the provision of accessible and adaptable housing for the future.
  • Improve housing mix and the availability of housing for those with special needs.
  • Set out the role Council will play in housing policy and advocacy.
  • Explain how Council will use its planning scheme to assist in implementing the strategy.
  • Advocate for improved housing outcomes, and
  • Provide a framework as to how Council will assist in supporting the provision of more affordable housing.