Complaint Handling Policy

At the City of Greater Bendigo we strive to recognise, promote and protect the public’s right to make complaints. Essential to supporting this commitment is the need for a complaints handling process that is:

  • Fair, easily accessed and efficient
  • Reflects the needs, expectations and rights of members of the public
  • Fosters a culture that encourages us to learn from complaints to improve performance

This Complaint Handling Policy is based on the good practice guide for complaints involving Councils, published by the Victorian Ombudsman’s Office in 2015.

The policy applies to:

  • All complaints received by us about services, staff and contractors, and directs how complaints will be handled.

The policy does not apply to:

  • Service requests (The policy draws a distinction between complaints and service requests. It is important to refer to the definitions and the examples which distinguish the two on pages 4 and 6.)
  • Complaints about a councillor or a group of councillors (A separate policy addresses handling a complaint about a councillor(s).)
  • An expression of dissatisfaction with the general direction or performance of the Council
  • Third party complaints and anonymous complaints found to lack the necessary supporting documentation
  • Matters not the responsibility of Greater Bendigo City Council

Adopted May 25, 2016. 

During 2018 the City of Greater Bendigo received 40,373 requests for service and 485 complaints.