Complaint Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate the City of Greater Bendigo’s commitment to good practice complaint handling and building a positive culture around complaints:

  • enabling members of the public to make complaints about the City;
  • responding to complaints by taking action to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, and by keeping customers informed of progress and outcome of complaints;
  • learning from complaints to improve our services; and
  • treating every complaint we receive on its individual merits, through clear and consistent processes.

This complaints policy applies to all complaints from members of the public about employees, Contractors and decisions made at Council meetings.

This policy does not apply to:

  • complaints about individual Councillors.
  • matters or complaints that are otherwise subject to statutory review, for example;
    • complaints/objections relating to a planning application decision
    • complaints/appeals relating to parking infringements
    • complaints about alleging fraud, corruption or other criminal behaviour
    • complaints relating to a councillor outside of their role as a councillor
    • freedom of information requests
    • a petition to Council about a particular matter
    • comments or submissions received during a formal consultation or community engagement process, which has a specific process for management
    • work related grievances from Council staff (i.e. complaints relating to their employment)
    • complaints that have already been reviewed by an external agency.

This policy also does not apply to:

  • Matters involving disputes between individuals or groups
  • Councillor behavior – please refer to Councillor policies
  • Matters related to claims of a financial nature made against Council
  • Requests for service
  • Complaints about the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). - these complaints are to be directed to the Mayor and a process followed that is consistent with the process outlined in the Councillor Code of Conduct.