Greater Bendigo 2036 plan

The Greater Bendigo 2036 Plan collects public comment and presents it as a document of advice. Our challenge is to make sure those undertaking planning know about our community's priorities.

The plan is the result of a very broad range of community consultations. People of all ages and from all sectors of the community took part in almost 50 discussion sessions, including:

  • year 5 and 6 primary students at three schools
  • 120 year nine secondary schools
  • meetings in a range or workplaces
  • rural community meetings
  • public meetings
  • sessions with other groups such as service clubs and special interest groups.

We also surveyed interested parties via paper and online surveys made available on our website, the YOBendigo and other websites.

Greater Bendigo 2036 introduces the themes of liveability, productivity and sustainability. It provides a catalyst for change.

Greater Bendigo 2036 does not need a separate implementation 'action plan'; the action will be done by those undertaking local planning activities in education, commerce, industry, transport, the arts, as well as urban design and waste management and many others.

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