C135 Harcourt Modernisation Project

The purpose of the specific control is to allow the use and development of land for the purpose of works to be undertaken by or on behalf of Coliban Region Water Corporation for the Harcourt Modernisation Project. The project includes the construction of: 

  • Barkers Creek Reservoir Pump Station 
  • Faraday Pump Station 
  • Balancing Storage Tank, and 
  • Approximately 67 km pressurised pipeline system

The Harcourt Modernisation component was part of a broader project known as the Castlemaine Link and Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project referred under the Environment Effects Act 1978. The project has now been split into two projects and Coliban Region Water Corporation is only proceeding with the Harcourt Modernisation component. The Castlemaine Link component remains unfunded and is currently not required. 

The Coliban rural system provides untreated water supplies to rural customers via the Coliban southern system. The rural system has open concrete and earthen channels, which results in water losses via evaporation, seepage and leakage. In addition, land consolidation over time has meant that some properties have multiple delivery points and there is a desire for customers to have greater control over the delivery and management of water to their properties.  

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