Heathcote Community Plan

The new Heathcote Community Plan 2021-2025 was endorsed at the March 2022 Council Ordinary meeting.

It is a broad and ambitious community plan with a wide range of priorities and ideas for the forthcoming years to continue to grow Heathcote.

In developing this plan, the framework from the Greater Bendigo Council Plan (Mir Wimbul) 2021-2025, has been used to shape and articulate the community’s needs and aspirations.

Seven outcomes have been chosen, in line with those set by the City of Greater Bendigo for their Council Plan (Mir Wimbul) 2021-2025.

  • A community together to achieve our shared vision.
  • A community where all people can live healthy, safe, harmonious lives in accessible and affordable settings.
  • An inclusive, sustainable and prosperous community where all people can thrive.
  • A community recognises and respects Aboriginal People and culture and enables the self-determination of Traditional Owners.
  • A community featuring healthy regional landscapes and buildings that are developed with the changing climate and earth’s resources in mind.
  • A community inspires a culture of creativity, activates its spaces, nurtures and supports talent, champions inclusion and access and shows the world.
  • A community where people are respected, safe to participate in all aspects of community life and have equitable access to the resources they need.


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