Huntly Development Contributions Plan

The Huntly Development Contributions Plan (HDCP) has been prepared by Mesh with the assistance of the City of Greater Bendigo.

The HDCP has been prepared to enable the equitable and efficient delivery of a range of infrastructure to service planned growth within the Huntly East growth area.

The Huntly East growth area comprises of land east of Midland Highway and forms part of the broader Huntly Township growth area that will provide for establishment of a new community of approximately 6,000 people.

In general terms the HDCP identifies the necessary infrastructure and establishes a framework to ensure that the cost of infrastructure is shared equitably by all development proponents and by the broader
community where relevant. The HDCP provides certainty for all developers and the future community by ensuring that all necessary infrastructure will be provided in a timely way and to a specified standard as development progressively takes place.

In addition to identifying necessary infrastructure and defining the means by which the cost of the infrastructure will be shared, the HDCP includes an Implementation Strategy. The Implementation Strategy sets out the means by which the development process will be managed to ensure that necessary infrastructure  is delivered in a timely and efficient way by developers as works in kind as the preferred option, whilst also ensuring that Council is not exposed to unreasonable risk in managing the HDCP into the future. Integral to the success of the implementation strategy will be a detailed understanding of the likely location and timing of development and adoption of a co-operative working relationship with developers throughout the life of the HDCP.

Huntly Growth Area DCP

Status:                                Adopted by Council (August 2020) and gazetted in the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme on 7 December 2020.

Amount:                             $ 104,676.64 per Net Developable Hectare (NDha) - July 2022

Next Levy Increase:          July 2023