Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy


The Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy (ITLUS) sets out the City’s strategy for how Greater Bendigo will grow and how people and goods will move within it in the future through:

  • preventing urban sprawl and strengthening connections between people and places
  • improving health and wellbeing through much better public transport and or active travel
  • using the capacity of our networks to better move people and goods
  • changing individual travel behaviours through strengthening partnerships and building community support
  • leading through innovation and good governance

It was adopted by Council on August 26, 2015. 

The Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy is a call to action to:

  • progressively reduce the many short local trips that are unnecessarily made by car in urban Bendigo; especially accessing places in our local neighbourhoods, commuting to work in the city centre and travelling to and from school
  • use clever and innovative city design to support far greater levels of walking, cycling and better public transport to better connect people and places and make big improvements in the health of everyone, particularly children; and
  • further develop and strengthen existing innovative partnerships between Council and the key organisations and businesses that support the ITLUS objectives and work with Council to implement a series of agreed actions

For a video summary of the Strategy, recordings of public forum and more go to the City of Greater Bendigo YouTube channel: ITLUS playlist 



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To find out more or join the ITLUS partnership, contact theStrategy Unit on phone 1300 002 642 or [email protected]