Local law number 11: Protection of public assets and control of building sites

Local Law No. 11 protects public assets vested in Council from damage, deterioration or abuse during the construction of dwellings. The law also aims to protect the amenity of and prevent nuisance of the neighbourhood and environment of the community during the construction process.

Asset protection

To protect public assets vested in Council and for the safety of persons on or near a building site, Council require the owner, builder or appointed agent to obtain an Asset Protection Permit where major building work is to be carried out, including:

  • constructed footpath or walkways
  • kerb and channel
  • storm water drains and pits
  • formed and or constructed vehicle crossings
  • formed urban nature strips including street trees and street signage


Council may determine if and when inspections of building sites are conducted. If Council identifies any infrastructure damage that appears to result from non-compliance with this Local Law, council officers may direct the responsible party to reinstate the damage.

Stormwater protection

Where any building work is being carried out on any land, the owner, builder or appointed agent must ensure that the site is developed and managed to minimise the risks of stormwater pollution.

Control of builders’ refuse

Where any building work is being carried out on any land, the owner, builder or appointed agent must provide a facility for the purpose of disposal of builders' refuse, ensure that refuse does not make its way into the stormwater system, and remove and dispose of all refuse.

Sanitary facilities on site

Building sites must have a sewered toilet or a portable toilet (closet) system.

Storing building material and equipment

All building materials and equipment must be kept/stored on building sites in a manner to ensure that no damage is caused to adjoining properties. Building materials or equipment cannot be placed or stored on Council land, road, street or nature strip without a Local Law Permit from Council.

Local law no. 11 operates from February 21, 2013 - February 23, 2023.

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