Local law number 8: Council meeting procedures

This law provides regulation and process at meetings of Council and Advisory and Special Committees of Council. The Local Law also regulates the use of the common seal of the Greater Bendigo City Council, and the election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Use of the common Seal 

The Council’s common seal must only be used on the authority of the Council and when the seal is used the CEO must sign the document.

Election of mayor and deputy mayor

The law states how mayors and deputy mayors are to be elected. It explains that if either position is vacated before the end of the term, the incumbent will serve out the term of the previous Mayor. Voting is by an informal process involving a secret ballot at an assembly of councillors. Read the full law to find out about processes for nominations, scrutineering, what to do with the vote is split, or if a candidate fails to receive a majority.

Council meetings

The law lists the duties and responsibilities of the chairperson in presiding over a meeting, rules for giving notice of a council meeting, the required quorum and meeting absences and apologies. Meetings require an agenda, how votes are taken, and minutes must be recorded of proceedings. How to address a meeting, rules for accepting and rejecting motions, points of order, petitions and joint letters.

Meeting procedures for Section 86 committees

The law sets out the requirements of these committees, which are appointed to manage property and facilities on behalf of the City.

Local law no. 8 operates from January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2019.

New draft local law on public display 

A new draft local law to replace the existing law that governs the conduct of meetings of Greater Bendigo City Council and special committees is now on public exhibition.

The City welcomes submissions on the new draft Greater Bendigo City Council Local Law - Process of Municipal Government (2020).


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