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Local law number 9: Bendigo Livestock Exchange

Bendigo Livestock Exchange local law (Local Law No. 9) ensures the humane treatment of stock and the efficient operation and management at the Bendigo Livestock Exchange.

Use of Bendigo Livestock Exchange

Stock agents and companies must register each year to operate at the Bendigo Livestock Exchange.

Sale days

Ordinary sale days may be determined from time to time by the manager by giving public notice.

Sales before and after opening or closing of market or on non-sale days

Approval is required to sell animals at the Exchange before or after the conclusion of the market nor on a non-market day.

Special sales

Special sales may be held on days approved by the Manager. To hold a special sale you must apply in writing to the Manager not less than 14 days before the proposed sale. The Manager may grant the use of the whole or part of the Exchange to a person for a day which is not a regular sale day.

Commencing times of sales on ordinary days

The manager determines the commencing time of sales on ordinary sale days.

Pre-sale procedure

Agents must notify the Manager 48 hours prior to a proposed sale at the Exchange about:

  • the approximate number of livestock to be sold, and
  • the classification of the livestock to be sold

When the sheep and lamb sales are held over two days agents must give 24 hours’ notice prior to the second sale day.

Agents have a duty to ensure they report accurate stock numbers and stock classifications.

Allocations – pens, ramps, selling times

After receiving notifications of stock numbers from selling agents the Manager must allocate selling pens, ramps, drafts and selling times to agents for the sale. Selling agents must only use selling pens and ramps allocated to them unless by mutual consent with the selling agent to which the pens have been allocated.

Penning of stock

The selling agent is responsible for receiving, handling and delivery of stock. Stock must not be penned at the Exchange more than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the sale, unless prior permission is obtained from the Manager.

Stock must be removed no later than 4pm on the first day after the sale. The Manager may permit stock to be left at the Exchange longer than this time, provided that the agent or owner makes suitable arrangements to water and feed the stock to the satisfaction of the Manager.

Agents must not receive, sell, expose or offer for sale within the Exchange livestock that is not in healthy condition.

Stock not connected with sale

Stock must not be unloaded or penned at the Exchange if it is not connected with a sale, without prior arrangement with the Manager.

Fees and dues

From time to time council will review agent fees and dues for the selling or offering for sale of livestock in the Exchange or for the use of the Exchange.

Agents’ obligations

Agents permitted to sell livestock in the Bendigo Livestock Exchange must:

  • keep a true and correct record of all livestock received by him or her for sale at the market and of all sales of livestock
  • make such records available for confidential examination by the Council for statistical and traceability purposes
  • enter in the Auctioneer’s Sales Register the name of the successful bidder and the price paid for each lot immediately after the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer
  • not offer for sale any livestock for the second time on the same sale day unless such stock are offered for sale in conjunction with other livestock listed for late sales or unless such livestock remains the property of the original vendor. Such sale or offer for sale shall be at the discretion of the Manager
  • give the Manager a statement of all livestock offered on completion of the sale day
  • take part in a draw with other agents prior to the sale to determine the order of priority of selling and observe that order on sale day

Appropriate behaviour at the saleyards

While in the Exchange you may not:

  • disturb or obstruct anyone’s use of the Exchange
  • leave any refuse or rubbish anywhere except in such bins or containers provided
  • distribute any poster, advertisement, handbill, placard etc. without permission
  • deface or damage any part of the buildings, fences, pavements, equipment or machinery of the Exchange.
  • refuse or neglect to carry out the reasonable directions or request of the Manager.

Livestock owners are responsible for offering their livestock for sale free of disease and fit for sale.

Exclusion from Bendigo Livestock Exchange

Any person who behaves in a manner that the Manager deems is undesirable, offensive or not in the best interests of the Exchange, may be excluded from the Exchange.

Dogs – numbers and control

A limit of two dogs can be used to muster, drive or draft livestock. Dogs should not be allowed to roam and you may be directed to muzzle a dog.

Removing stock

Only someone authorised to do so can remove any livestock from the Exchange.

Moving stock

A person must not move stock in the Exchange without the permission of the owner of the stock or the Manager.


The Council may designate an area of the Exchange as a truck rest area. The truck washing area can only used for cleaning vehicles specifically used for livestock transportation. Trucks should not be parked so as to obstruct entrances, exits or ramps.

Dead or injured stock

A person must not unload dead or injured stock in the Exchange, other than in designated areas.


Livestock cannot be taken out of the Exchange until all tolls, dues and charges payable in respect thereof first have been paid or satisfactory arrangements made for payment.

Security of livestock

A person must not through an act of carelessness or intention allow an animal to escape from the Saleyards.

Selling of sundry items

A person must not sell anything at the Saleyards other than stock sold in accordance with this Local Law without the written permission from the Manager.

Livestock cartage contractors

A livestock cartage carrier shall use the exchange according to the direction of the Manager, comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice governing the transport of livestock and affecting animal welfare and animal husbandry.

Carrier’s vehicles must be compliant, and all occupational health and safety laws observed.

Allotted time for selling

The whole of the pens of livestock shall be offered by Auctioneers in order of ballot. Auctioneers are required to observe time taken to sell animal (by lot).

Local law no. 9 operates from May 1, 2010 - May 1, 2020.

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