Profiling the work of the City in the Gender Equity Coalition

Every day of the year the City of Greater Bendigo (the City) works to provide facilities and services, protect public health and safety, plan for the future and help residents to thrive. The City employs more than 1000 staff across four directorates to deliver this work and to realise the Community Vision:

“Greater Bendigo celebrates our diverse community. We are welcoming, sustainable and prosperous. Walking hand-in-hand with the traditional custodians of this land. Building on our rich heritage for a bright and happy future.”

Why is Gender Equity important to the City?

The Community Vision is underpinned by five values, the last of which is:

“Equity - provide support and give opportunity to others to be part of this community”

Gender equity is important to the City for fulfilling this value and the wishes of the community. The City is implementing strategies and measures to ensure everybody, regardless of gender, can fully participate in community life the way they want to.

The City's journey so far

From the outset, the City has been a key member of the Greater Bendigo Against Family Violence Committee and the Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity, and is signatory to the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter. Since the introduction of Gender Equality Act 2020, the City has been busy undertaking important work to comply with this legislation, including:

  • Workplace gender audit
  • Gender Equity Action Plan
  • Implementation of Gender Impact Assessments

With approximately 15 Gender Impact Assessment (GIA)s completed during a pilot phase, the City’s Gender Equity Officers have been developing and refining the process to ensure meaningful change is achieved when GIAs are officially rolled out.

What the City would like to achieve in the Gender Equity space in the next 12 months

The City has been in a privileged position to have dedicated resources focused solely on its gender equity work. Knowing this, the City is eager to share its learnings and tools with organisations who are earlier in their journey to implement the Gender Equality Act 2020, and to likewise benefit from the learnings of others.

How could your membership in the Coalition support our goal?

The City’s membership in the Coalition enables the exchange of learnings and resources as mentioned, so collective impact can be fostered for meaningful change at a far larger scale than can be achieved on its own.