Report and Consent - Non-Siting Application

In accordance with Schedule 2 of the Building Act 1993, this referral applies to the following matters under Regulation 3 (b) & (c) of the Building Regulations 2018:

  • Reg. 130 Building over an easement vested in Council
  • Reg. 64 Combined Allotment
  • Reg. 109 Projections beyond street alignment
  • Reg. 134 Building above or below certain public facilities
  • Reg. 116 (4) Precautions over a street and hoardings
  • Reg. 153 (2) Construction of buildings on land liable to flooding
  • Reg. 154 (1) Building on designated land

An invoice containing your individual payment reference will be provided once we have processed your application. This fee will need to be paid before can send through the approved response.

Please note, this referral is to be accompanied by the information listed on the advice sheet attached to the application form.