Request copy of planning permit or endorsed plans

Use our online form to Request a copy of planning permit or endorsed plans 

If you need a copy of a planning permit and associated endorsed plans, you can make application to the City’s Planning team.  You must state the reasons why you require the documents, eg. Looking to sell or purchase the property, wanting to further develop the property, you’ve lost your original copy, or copy is not legible etc.

Permits and endorsed plans that are available in our electronic document management system may be emailed to you within 2-5 working days.  A search fee may apply to more complex searches, or requests for multiple permits or additional endorsed documents other than plans.

Many planning permits are stored in our offsite archives. These may take 10-15 business days to retrieve and process and will attract search fees as set out below:

  • Initial permit and plans per property $100.00
  • Additional permits and plans per property $50.00
  • Photocopying $0.35 per A4 sheet

You will receive an invoice with online payment options and fees must be paid in full before the documents are released. 

If you are requesting documents other than the planning permit and endorsed documents, you may need to apply for these under Freedom of Information.  Our Planning team can advise you if this is required.


For more information:

Planning Practice Note 74:  Availability of Planning Documents

Request copy of building permit and plans