City asks residents to think twice before burning off

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Air quality is more important than ever before, so the City of Greater Bendigo is asking residents to make open-air-burning a last resort to dispose of wood and timber on their properties, with the end of fire danger period on March 30.

City of Greater Bendigo Manager Safe and Healthy Environments Caroline Grylls said burning in the open air should always be a last resort.

“In most instances a permit is required from the City of Greater Bendigo before conducting an open air burning but we are asking residents to consider alternative methods such as mulching, using green bins or taking green waste to local transfer stations where domestic quantities of green waste are accepted free of charge,” Ms Grylls said.

“In the current environment where there is potential for people to contract Coronovirus which particularly impacts lungs and airways, we wish to provide every person, the best opportunity to remain healthy without being impacted by unnecessary smoke and poor air quality.

“There are some instances where open air burning is unavoidable and permit applications will be considered.

“Permits are only issued to burn dry wood because any other materials including rubbish, green waste and leaves are prohibited as they create excessive and toxic smoke which is detrimental to health.

“We appreciate that there has been branches that have fallen, over the windy summer, however we discourage burning wherever possible as there are many alternatives to burning including offering fallen timber to others for firewood for those who don’t have their own wood heater.”

“Outdoor burning also requires having an adequate supply of water available to extinguish a fire.  Fires must never be left unattended for any reason at all.”

Residents found to be burning off without a permit or in breach of the City’s Community Local Law or CFA regulations can be issued with fines.

Forms must be completed online. For full details about permit requirements for open air fires go to phone the City of Greater Bendigo on 54346000 or phone the CFA Burn Off Notification Line on 1800 668 511.

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