City highlights the need for responsible pet ownership

Recent matters heard in the Bendigo Magistrates Court have highlighted the importance of responsible pet ownership to avoid costly and distressing outcomes.

The first incident in December 2020, involved a man working on a building site whose Staghound-cross dog wandered from the site and entered a neighbouring property.

The dog chased a cat inside its owner’s home and the cat was fatally injured. The dog owner subsequently paid the costs associated with cleaning the area, replacing a broken lamp and the purchase of a new kitten.  In Court he received a six-month good behaviour bond and pleaded guilty to the charge of his dog causing the death of the cat and failing to register the dog.

The second incident occurred when a woman was walking two American Bulldogs off-lead in bushland in Flora Hill when her dogs attacked two golden retrievers also being walked in the area. One of the American bulldogs was a Declared Dangerous Dog and was not wearing a muzzle or a declared dangerous dog collar as required by law. As a result of the attack, one of the golden retrievers received a wound to its back.

When the City’s authorised officers located the Declared Dangerous Dog the following day, it was still not wearing a declared dangerous dog collar and there were no appropriate dog warning signs outside the premises as required by law.

The owner was convicted, fined $2,000 and disqualified by the Court from owning, or being in charge of the Declared Dangerous Dog for a period of five years.

City of Greater Bendigo Manager Safe and Healthy Environments Caroline Grylls said the City would like to remind all dog-owners that when their dogs are in public areas, they must be under effective voice control or by means of a chain, cord or leash.

“These recent incidents highlight the importance of responsible pet ownership and just how costly it can be if pets are not properly controlled by their owners,” Ms Grylls said.

“It also highlights the distress for animal owners and members of the public when incidents that could have been avoided like this occur.    

“The City takes dog attack matters of any nature seriously and encourages the community to report any incidents of dogs rushing at or attacking people or animals.”

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