City to introduce 80 kilometre speed limit on Crusoe Road

The City of Greater Bendigo will no longer proceed with planned roadworks on Crusoe Road in Lockwood and instead seek to introduce an 80 kilometre speed limit as an alternative solution. 

The decision follows the City’s commitment to nearby residents and environmental groups to review plans to introduce new road safety measures, which would have resulted in the removal of 11 large trees and a number of smaller trees and suckers.  

Director Presentation and Assets Brian Westley said a speed reduction would help address concerns about road safety in the area.  

“In reviewing the project, there is an opportunity to take a different approach that will help keep people safe and protect the amenity of the area long term,” Mr Westley said. 

“Where there is a history of crashes in a particular location, we seek to match the road improvement treatment to the type of crash. 

“There have been seven crashes on this road between 2013 and 2018, including four instances where drivers have run off the road. 

“In evaluating the project and following discussions with community members, a reduction in speed is considered the most appropriate crash-prevention method at this point. 

“Being new to the organisation, I will be reviewing upcoming road projects to ensure the planned treatment is appropriate and we will learn from this example. 

“However, where future road projects require the removal of trees to address the cause of crashes and improve safety, we will need to do this. 

“The City always aims to balance road safety with environmental amenity and will continue to work to minimise environmental impacts and re-use as much wood as possible from road projects in local parks, gardens and reserves.”

The City will write to the Department of Transport to adjust the speed limit for the 3 kilometre stretch of Crusoe Road, from the Calder Alternative Highway to Merindah Road.

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