City introduces enhanced customer service system and new number

The City of Greater Bendigo has introduced a new software system that enhances the customer experience and provides a streamlined approach in handling thousands of requests lodged each year over the telephone, email and on webchat.    

As part of these changes, the City is also changing its main number to 1300 002 642 which will replace the existing number 5434 6000. There will be a transition period, but customers are encouraged to start using the new number now.  

City Acting Director Corporate Performance Jessica Clarke-Hong said the new system created a more efficient and streamlined customer service delivery for the community.  

“In the last financial year, our Customer Service staff received over 93,000 phones calls and responded to 43,382 request emails and 1,962 webchats,” Ms Clarke-Hong said.  

“Our latest statistics reveal that 89 per cent of queries to our call centre are resolved by our Customer Service staff in the initial contact. They are also handling a higher number of emails that are then added to our customer request system to be actioned by relevant services in the organisation.  

“There are many significant customer service benefits switching to the new system which merges the phone, email and webchat activities into a single customer queue.   

“It makes it much easier to manage, track and address continuous improvements on how we deliver our customer service as a result of better reporting features.  

“The system also displays customers details from our database on screen which saves time and creates a better customer experience with more focus on the nature of the request.   

“Calls can be fielded as the subject of the enquiry is identified and the call can be put through to customer service staff with specialist knowledge to deal with the matter.  

“We’re also introducing a new number because Customer Service has been experiencing phone quality issues.   

“The call quality under the existing system has been variable and at times there has been voice and noise distortion which despite many attempts cannot be resolved. The new number is more flexible to adapt to cloud systems behind the scenes in the future.  

“As part of this changeover to the new system, our main telephone number 5434 6000 is going to be phased out by early 2023 and during this transition period, all calls to this number will be redirected to the City's new main number 1300 002 642.  

“Even though we are transitioning to a new number, I strongly encourage residents to save the new number in their phone contacts and start using the new number 1300 002 642 when you wish to call Customer Service.  

  “This is to avoid the phone quality issues that we’re experiencing with the 5434 6000 number and to link effectively with our new improved customer service software system which will help to speed up calls to the centre.  

“Those calling 5434 6000 after the transition period ends will hear a message informing them that they will need to call the new number 1300 002 642.  

“It was important to change the phone number now in preparation for the move to Galkangu (Bendigo GovHub) as this would have remained an ongoing issue and our aim is to deliver the best customer service that we can for residents.”  

 The new number already appears on the City website, social media platforms, invoices and new City publications. The roll out will continue over the next 18 months. 

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