City joins Game on Recycling pilot to recover unwanted sporting equipment

The City of Greater Bendigo has partnered with Game on Recycling to undertake a pilot project to collect, reuse and recycle old and unwanted sporting equipment at the Strathfieldsaye Transfer Station.

Game On Recycling is a pilot sports equipment product stewardship scheme, co-funded by the Australian Government's National Product Stewardship Investment Fund, Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. The project commenced on July 1, 2021 and will continue in its pilot phase until March 2023. 

City of Greater Bendigo, Acting Resource Recovery and Education Manager, Chris Mitchell said through the initiative local residents, schools and clubs can now take their old, unwanted sporting equipment to the Strathfieldsaye Transfer Station for free.

“Sporting equipment with life left in it, will be made available to the next user through the Strathfieldsaye Transfer Station and community partnerships while eligible equipment that is no longer fit for purpose will be processed and separated into materials that can be used again in Australian manufacturing,” Mr Mitchell said.

“The good news is that these materials have value and if collected and kept from landfill can potentially have an extended life with a new resident, before ultimately being recycled and becoming part of the circular economy as a new product.

“The partnership between the City and Game on Recycling aims to do just that and will help contribute to the City’s Circular Greater Bendigo initiative.

 “We are asking local residents, schools and clubs to help by cleaning out their storerooms, kid’s rooms and garages and recycling their sports equipment that is no longer wanted at the Strathfieldsaye Transfer Station.

“The City is accepting all forms of sporting equipment, excluding clothing, shoes and boots.

“Strathfieldsaye Transfer Station staff will sort the equipment. If it still has life left in it, it will be distributed back into community through the Transfer Station and community partnerships while eligible gear at the end of its life will be transferred to the Game on Recycling processing plant to be broken down, separated into like materials and tested for manufacturing uses.”

“This initiative is a game changer and who knows one day that ball or racket you dropped at the transfer station might be the soft fall matting at your gym or a seat where you watch the Commonwealth Games from in 2026.”


For more details about products recycled by Game on Recycling and the new products they create please visit

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