City to reinstate Maternal and Child Health Centre in Elmore

A Maternal and Child Health Centre will be reinstated in Elmore following a decision by the Greater Bendigo City Council at Monday’s Council meeting.

The decision was in response to a petition from the Elmore community tabled at the meeting.

The Council has acknowledged the importance of the highly valued Maternal and Child Health Service and has voted to reinstate face-to-face, centre-based consultations in a safe and accessible site for families in the Elmore district.

A location and frequency of service is yet to be confirmed and the City will commence looking for a suitable site to re-establish the service in Elmore before the end of the financial year.

During the COVID19 lockdown the City closed the Elmore Maternal and Child Centre at the request of Bendigo Community Health Service in line with government directives.

The Elmore MCH Centre was a single nurse centre that operated from Elmore Community Health for over 20 years. During this time the service offered consultations one day per fortnight dependent on demand.

All existing Elmore clients were informed of the changes and offered consultations at other service sites including the Huntly and Epsom Maternal and Child Health Centres, telephone support or a home visiting service.

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