City reminds residents to register their backyard pools and spas online

Residents are reminded that they must register their private swimming pools and spas online with the City of Greater Bendigo by June 1, 2020 in line with new Victorian Government legislation introduced in December last year.

City of Greater Bendigo Safe and Healthy Environments Manager Caroline Grylls said under the new mandatory requirements all swimming pools and spas that fall within the requirements of the Act must have a compliant barrier in place and must be registered with their local Council.

“Broadly, these include all permanent pools and spas and most relocatable pools and relocatable spas capable of holding a depth of water greater than 300mm,” said Ms Grylls.

The new legislation has introduced mandatory requirements for all Victorian Councils to establish and maintain a register of all private swimming pools and spas and residents must undertake the registration process online via the City’s website at by June 1, 2020, or within 30 days of completion if the installation is under construction at this date.

“As part of the new registration process, pool and spa barriers will need to be assessed by registered private building surveyors or inspectors and this is up to the pool or spa owner to organise.  The inspectors will issue certificates of compliance or non-compliance, which owners will need to then lodge with the City.  Certificates of non-compliance will also be acted upon.

“This is a Victorian Government requirement and the City is urging all private pool and spa owners to commence the process as soon as possible to ensure their pool barriers are compliant to avoid receiving any penalties.”

The following fees for registration and lodgement of certificates will apply:

  • A one-off registration fee $79 to cover administration costs and an information search fee
  • Compliance certificate lodgement fee $47.25
  • Non-compliance certificate lodgement fee $385.10
  • Other infringement penalties may apply for late registration, late lodgement of certificates, or other infringements

The new legislation sets staggered deadlines for lodging of compliance certificates:

  • For pools and spas built on or before June 30, 1994, lodgement by June 1, 2021
  • Built between July 1, 1994 and May 1, 2010, lodgement by June 1, 2022
  • Built on or after May 1, 2010, lodgement by June 1, 2023

Inspection compliance certificates will be required to be lodged with Council every four years.

Owners having work completed on an existing safety barrier, other than basic maintenance like replacing a hinge, are likely to require a building permit to undertake the work and any work to alter an existing barrier will need to comply with the current regulations.

Owners wanting further information or wishing to do their own initial safety assessment can be guided by the checklists on the Victorian Building Authority website


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