Community Vision To Create Bright And Happy Future For Greater Bendigo

Greater Bendigo celebrates our diverse community. We are welcoming, sustainable and prosperous. Walking hand-in-hand with the traditional custodians of this land. Building on our rich heritage for a bright and happy future.

This is the new community vision for Greater Bendigo, as crafted by 65 residents selected specially to form a community panel and represent the views of the community.

The vision is supported by five values – transparency, sustainability, inclusion, innovation and equity – that underpin the vision and ensure future Council decision making reflects these values.

This work represents stage 2 of the Imagine Greater Bendigo project, important work and a requirement under the new Local Government Act (2020) for all Councils to consult with their communities in this way to develop a community vision.

Mayor Cr Jennifer Alden said Council was delighted with the future-focused vision statement and looked forward to developing a Council Plan to deliver on it.

“The vision sums up what was important to the panel and how they want to see Greater Bendigo grow and develop into the future. It reflects what it means to be a citizen of Greater Bendigo and what we must aspire to, to ensure a bright and happy future for everyone.

“The panel was selected to form a ‘mini public’ that was representative of our community. It was surprising that many of the values of the group, which ranged in age from 12 to people in their seventies, were quite similar.

“There was a terrific buzz in the room and I hope it was a memorable experience for everyone that put up their hand. We learnt a great deal from the panellists and it was exciting to harness this energy and enthusiasm.”

As part of the panel process, the City also asked the group to prioritise feedback received during stage 1 consultation, which will help Council as it develops its Council Plan, Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, 10-Year Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Plan and other strategic documents.

Areas that were a priority for Council to focus on in the future included walking and cycling, access to green, connected spaces, a youth hub for teens, support for local and existing businesses (including young people to start creative careers), places to learn about Aboriginal culture and heritage, continued greening of Greater Bendigo, sustainability in building and planning, activation of public spaces, continued emphasis on gender equity and inclusion, and prioritise investment in suburban and rural areas.

“Council is committed to considering these priorities in future planning, particularly the development of the Council Plan, which forms part of stage 3 of the Imagine Greater Bendigo project and will be released for community feedback before being considered for adoption at the October Council meeting,” Cr Alden said.

“I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank the residents that participated over the weekend, they have done a wonderful job and presented a vision they can be very proud of and told us what is most important to them in helping to achieve the vision.

“I look forward to Greater Bendigo moving towards a bright and happy future.”

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