Dai Gum Loong to make is debut in special Gala Parade route

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A special dragon parade route has been planned for the Bendigo Advertiser Gala Parade on Sunday April 21 to welcome new Golden Dragon Dai Gum Loong.  

To celebrate Dai Gum Loong’s arrival, this year’s parade route will see Loong*, Sun Loong and Night Dragon Yar Loong depart from the Queen Elizabeth Oval to meet Dai Gum Loong at the Alexandra Fountain.

Sun Loong will then lead Dai Gum Loong up View Street and then down again to the fountain. The new dragon will be accompanied by two gold and silver lions who are his ‘protectors’.

At the fountain, Loong will then lead all three dragons along Pall Mall to the Golden Dragon Museum for the last section of their parade journey.

Manager Tourism and Major Events Terry Karamaloudis said it was important for people coming to the Bendigo Advertiser Gala Parade on Sunday April 21 to be aware that this year’s route for the dragons would be slightly different from previous years because it was an historic occasion.

“We have had to plan a very special route so that Dai Gum Loong can receive a wonderful welcome. It will also allow plenty of opportunity for spectators along the whole route to see the dragons.” Mr Karamaloudis said. 

“There will be a brief delay along the parade route during the gathering of the dragons at the Alexandra Fountain. The Bendigo Chinese Association will provide entertainment while people are waiting for all of the dragons to meet at the one location.”

“The Alexandra Fountain is significant because it is where Loong met Sun Loong in 1970 for the first time.

“The decision to introduce Sun Loong to Dai Gum Loong at the same location continues an important tradition for the city and this is a great way to mark the occasion.”

*Loong’s appearance is subject to Heritage Victoria approval.

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