Forum to focus on transition to 100% renewable energy

A community forum taking place on Tuesday August 9 will explore how Bendigo can move to 100 per cent clean energy by 2030, how the community can benefit from this transition, what community energy projects could be undertaken together and what steps residents and businesses can take to set up for solar power, energy efficiency and batteries.

The forum has been organised by the Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration, is free to attend and will take place from 7pm to 9pm Tuesday August 9 at the Bendigo Regional Tennis Centre, Nolan Street.

At the forum, Dr Jarra Hicks, an expert on community-owned renewable energy, will explain how the millions of dollars that currently leaves Bendigo via people’s electricity and gas bill payments, could be retained in the local economy. 

Energy and climate policy development specialist Benjy Lee will set out what’s possible for Bendigo and what this new clean-energy powered economy might look like. 

The Bendigo Sustainability Group will share their vision for 100% renewable and community owned energy and how community members can help out and get involved.  

Project partners RACV Solar and the Central Victorian Community Power Hub will be present to answer questions about solar power and batteries.

There will be lots of opportunities to join conversations about community energy projects and to begin to put together your own household action plan on climate: 

  • Could we build a community solar farm locally? 
  • Could we create community battery projects to store renewable energy? 
  • Could we build local projects to help reduce power use and electrify our homes and


Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration Coordinator Ian McBurney said the transition to renewable energy is coming fast.

“It will happen to us, or we can shape it for our benefit.  We can plan for what we can do at home and in our businesses, we can explore what community projects we can work on collectively and we can identify what changes we need to advocate for together,” Mr McBurney said.

The Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration was launched in June 2022, to bring people together to maximise the region’s emission-reductions as much as possible by 2030. 

Next Tuesday’s forum is one of at least six the Collaboration will hold to kick off projects and bring on mass action before a clear path to zero emissions is set out at a Greater Bendigo Climate Summit in May next year. Other forums planned between now and May 2023 will cover topics such as transport, buildings, food, nature and the circular economy. 

The forum is open to all and you can register to attend at

For more information visit email  [email protected] or phone 1300 002 642.

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