Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme undergoes major update

A proposed major update of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme will be out for comment from Thursday.

The Planning Scheme is the overarching legal document that states how land can be used and developed across the municipality. In 2018, the City started a formal review of the entire Planning Scheme, to bring it in line with Council’s strategic direction.

The review was endorsed by Council in March 2019 and once implemented, will be the biggest update of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme ever undertaken.

This proposed planning scheme amendment (C256gben) is the first of three amendments to implement the recommendations of the review and includes significant format changes recently introduced by the Victorian Government.

The amendment will replace the existing Municipal Strategic Statement and Local Planning Policies with a Municipal Planning Strategy and local policies in the State framework.

The amendment introduces 22 new strategic documents into the Scheme, including the Rural Areas Strategy 2009, Greater Bendigo Public Space Plan 2019 and Walk, Cycle Greater Bendigo 2019 and strategic planning directions from other Council plans.

Statutory Planning Manager Ross Douglas said the new policy section had been reduced from approximately 77,000 words to 20,000 words and included new policy maps in a consistent modern format.

“The recommendations from the review will make the Planning Scheme much easier for the community to use and will lead to more efficient and consistent decision making,” Mr Douglas said

“We want the planning scheme to be as accessible and relevant as possible, to help guide and support development across the municipality.”

The amendment also includes a four-year future strategic work program for enhancing the planning scheme.

The next two amendments will be introduced in early 2021.

To view proposed amendment C256 and have your say, go to

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