Had gastro recently? City says practice good personal hygiene

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The City of Greater Bendigo would like to remind people that if they suffer a bout of gastro to allow at least 48 hours to pass before returning to work, school or child care and allow at least 14 days to pass before they consider swimming.
A recent seasonal increase in gastro cases in Greater Bendigo has prompted the warning from the City. Gastro bugs are highly contagious and can be easily spread from person to person and through settings such as, hospitals, aged care facilities, child care centres and swimming pools.
City of Greater Bendigo Safe and Healthy Environments Manager Caroline Grylls said the community has an important role to play in helping to limit the spread of gastro and keep the community safe.
“It’s common sense and there are simple things people can do to help keep our community safe and stop gastro from spreading to others,” Ms Grylls said.

“Thorough hand washing is the key to preventing further spread of gastro, especially before eating, after going to the toilet, after handling pets and changing nappies. If you have symptoms of gastro it is important to stay at home while you recover.”
Help keep pools clean by following these simple steps:-


  • Do not swim if you have diarrhoea and do not swim for 14 days after diarrhoea stops.
  •  Shower and wash with soap, especially your bottom, before you start swimming.
  • Wash your hands with soap after using the toilet or changing a nappy.
    Change nappies in the nappy change areas only.
  • Avoid swallowing pool water.

“While the City’s swimming pools are chemically treated to kill bacteria if you or a family member has been unwell you should not use public pools for 14 days after diarrhoea stops to avoid spreading any illness.”
“We are asking residents to follow these simple rules to keep our local swimming pools clean and our community members healthy.”


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