Heavy rainfall delays City's grass slashing and mowing programs

Above average rainfall throughout winter and spring has resulted in unprecedented grass growth throughout Greater Bendigo and wet ground is proving difficult for the City of Greater Bendigo and other authorities to undertake their annual slashing and mowing programs.

City of Greater Bendigo Acting Parks and Open Space Manager Kim Ross said managing vegetation this year is proving to be very challenging for the City, other responsible authorities, residents and landowners.

“The City’s grass slashing and mowing programs have been delayed as many areas have become waterlogged and we and our contractors are finding it difficult to get machinery on the ground to cut the grass,” Ms Ross said.

“We ask the community to be patient as we wait for the ground to dry out sufficiently to allow this important work to take place.

“The City is already receiving requests for slashing and mowing from residents and while we will work through the maintenance programs we do ask for patience.

“Residents need to realise that the City does not slash or mow every road reserve within the municipality.  Many of our country road reserves play an important role in providing valuable habitat for native animals and contain important indigenous species.

“It’s also important for the community to know that the City is not the only authority responsible for grass cutting and slashing on Crown Land areas. Other authorities also play a role in undertaking seasonal slashing works.”

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