New local vaccination campaign asks 'Who will you be doing it for?'

The City of Greater Bendigo will this week launch a local campaign to help continue the region’s strong vaccination rate.

The advertising centres on members of the community saying what has motivated them to be vaccinated.

Mayor Cr Dr Jennifer Alden said it was easy to think of the many things we had missed throughout the pandemic that being vaccinated would allow us to do again.

“It is wonderful to see such a strong response locally to getting the vaccine and it is so important this continues,” Cr Alden said.

“After such a long time, there is so much that we’re missing and that we really want to get back to doing – whether that’s catching up with friends, getting kids back to school, helping businesses stay open, playing sport in front of crowds or generally to support our community.

“Thank you to our residents that have starred in the campaign and helped deliver this important vaccination message. We all want to see a return to more normal times and now that vaccines are widely available, there is choice of vaccine and the majority of age groups can be vaccinated, we can continue working together to reach the all-important 70 and 80 per cent targets.

“Greater Bendigo is tracking very well when compared to other regional cities around Australia. We have so much to be proud of in our race to be vaccinated, and we have been so well supported by the wonderful teams at Bendigo Health, Bendigo Community Health Services, GP clinics and now pharmacies.

“We hope the campaign, which asks ‘Who will you be doing it for?’, encourages anyone who is yet to register for their vaccination to make an appointment. If you are unsure, have a conversation with a GP and seek out informed advice.”

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