Planning Scheme review adopted by Council

Council has adopted the first of three Planning Scheme Amendments to implement the review of the Planning Scheme, bringing it in line with Council’s strategic direction.

The revised format has been refined and modernised with around 77,000 words reduced to 20,000 words as a result of removing repetitive and unnecessary content. The review brings in consistent strategic framework and policy plans to make it clearer to read and understand.

The review of the Planning Scheme began in 2017, was adopted by Council in 2019 and then an amendment to introduce its recommendations was released for comment late last year.

The amendment that Council adopted last night introduces a new Municipal Planning Strategy and local policies within the Victorian Planning Policy Framework.

It also introduces policy recommendations from documents previously adopted by Council including the Rural Areas Strategy, Greater Bendigo Public Space Plan and Walk, Cycle Greater Bendigo Strategy, and strategic directions from other Council plans and strategies.

Director Strategy and Growth Bernie O’Sullivan said this amendment was one of the first in the state to incorporate formatting changes required under the new Planning Policy Framework, as well as a formal Planning Scheme review.

“This amendment is the result of years of work, and it means residents now have a clearer, shorter and more up to date document to guide planning and development in Greater Bendigo,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“This makes the Planning Scheme much easier for the community to use and will lead to more efficient and consistent decision making.”

The next two amendments are expected to be introduced later this year.

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