Renewed focus on the city centre plan

The revised Bendigo City Centre Plan has been formally adopted by Council and will guide development for years to come.

This comes as several building projects are entering the pipeline or are due to start in the city centre. Both private and government sectors are planning various building projects, which will deliver economic growth and jobs.

The Bendigo Law Courts, the GovHub building and the new CFA headquarters are all proposed to start in the coming months. The Bendigo TAFE redevelopment works have already commenced.

Plans for a new hotel in Hargreaves Mall are currently on exhibition and plans for a further two hotels, one on the corner of Mollison and Williamson Streets and another fronting Mollison Street, have also been lodged with the City.

The City is finalising plans for the two former toilet facilities in Hargreaves Mall to be repurposed, with work set to be complete later this year. This project will mean the buildings can be used on a temporary basis for pop-up-style businesses.

Design for a new shade pavilion in Hargreaves Mall will be completed later this year which, once constructed, will allow for year-round use of the space. The City is also working with the Department of Transport to facilitate movement and access around the city centre for workers, visitors and residents.  

There has been increased interest from small businesses to open in and around Hargreaves Mall and the city centre, though this has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Councillor Margaret O’Rourke said it was encouraging to know so much activity would soon be visible in the centre of Bendigo.

“Council has been working hard behind the scenes to get its vision and planning guidelines for the centre of Bendigo updated and investing in projects that will refresh the existing infrastructure in Hargreaves Mall, such as the toilet facilities and the shade structure,” Cr O’Rourke said.

“The Bendigo City Centre Plan sets out our vision so that developers and businesses can make sure their plans fit within that and also shows the community how we want our city centre to be.

“There has been a lot of work happen over the last few years on this project and others in the city centre. It’s an exciting time for the centre of Bendigo.”

The Bendigo City Centre Plan still needs to be added to the Planning Scheme, which will require a Planning Scheme Amendment process to be undertaken.


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