Residents urged to protect themselves against mosquitos

With mosquitos set to breed in greater numbers this year following extensive wet weather Greater Bendigo residents are encouraged to take action around their homes to protect themselves and the community against mosquitos and mosquito borne diseases such as Murray Valley and Japanese encephalitis, Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus.

Symptoms of mosquito borne diseases can include severe headache, high fever and drowsiness. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek urgent medical attention from their general practitioner or their local hospital.

City of Greater Bendigo Environmental Health Coordinator Jason Barnes said residents can protect themselves and their family by taking some simple precautions around their home to minimise the impact of mosquitos.

“Mosquitos will breed in anything that can hold water including bird baths, pot plant holders, pet water bowls, gutters and drains and overgrown and saturated grass” Mr Barnes said.

“Residents should also check that insect screens fitted to doors and windows are in good condition.

“Mosquitos are at their most active at dawn and dusk so to reduce the chances of being bitten, people in mosquito-prone areas should cover up by wearing long, loose-fitting clothing and use insect repellents containing picaridin or DEET as an active ingredient on exposed skin areas when near mosquito prone areas such as in gardens or near water sources.

If residents are concerned about potential mosquito breeding sites, they are encouraged to discuss the issue with the land occupier. In the instance that the land is managed by the City, or if it is on land managed by another authority or on private land then the City will work with the land owners to reduce the impact.”

Checklists on how to mozzie proof your home and yard and mozzie proof your holiday along with a range of other facts sheets and information is available online at

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