Twenty years of Ag Art on show at Living Arts Space

A display of creative and quirky garments made from materials used in agriculture will be on show at the Living Arts Space from March 7 to May 30.

This year marks the 20th year of the Elmore Field Day Ag Art Contest which challenges artists to create wearable art garments using materials found on farms, in farming-related industries or sourced from the land. The final designs have been traditionally modelled on the catwalk during the Elmore Field Days.

City of Greater Bendigo Visitor Services Manager Jemma Docherty said the Ag Art challenge was a popular event at the Elmore Field Days.

“Designers have great fun producing highly creative and ingenious designs using farming material and I think visitors will enjoy seeing such an extraordinary collection at the Living Arts Space,” Ms Docherty said.

Ag Art 2000-2020 features the winners of the 2019 Ag Art Wear competition alongside highlights from the last 20 years. Among the garments on display are outfits made from farm yard materials such cotton, wires, tubing and packaging.  

“This exhibition is a celebration of some of the wonderful garments that have been designed from the past 20 years and it’s good to see how artists have been able to use recycled farming materials in a clear and unique way.”

The free exhibition also includes a selection of works from local decorative metal artist David Dawson.

Ag Art 2000-2020 opens Saturday March 7 to May 30 at the Living Arts Space in the Bendigo Visitor Centre, 51-67 Pall Mall Bendigo.


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