The City of Greater Bendigo has received an interim report from an environmental hygienist regarding the recent discovery of asbestos at Ross Park in Steane Street, Kennington.

City of Greater Bendigo Presentation and Assets Director Brian Westley said the interim report indicates that the asbestos is non-friable and that the health risk to the general public is extremely low. 

“Non-friable asbestos means, when dry it may not be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to powder by hand pressure like some materials containing asbestos that have been mixed with cement or other hard bonding materials. Asbestos is dangerous when fibres are inhaled, although non-friable asbestos is bound and not commonly released into the air,” Mr Westley said.

“While this is good news, the City is still awaiting confirmation from laboratory testing to confirm this is the case.

“If this is the case, remediation of the site is likely to only require the removal of visible asbestos and a shallow excavation of the soil surrounding the basketball court area.

“The City has also commissioned an air-quality survey as an extra precaution and these findings will form part of the final report.

“The environmental hygienist’s investigations found that there was no material within close proximity of the actual play space, although materials containing asbestos were scattered across the reserve.  It is most likely that the asbestos is a decades old legacy issue.

“The City is currently putting together a remediation plan for Ross Park but this will be subject to confirmation of the final results from the laboratory.

“Hopefully this will allow us to commence work in the near future to remove the asbestos from the site.

“Until then the site will remain closed to the general public.”

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