Water weeds to be removed at Lake Weeroona

The City of Greater Bendigo has secured a water treatment expert company to remove weeds growing in Lake Weeroona.

City of Greater Bendigo Parks and Natural Reserves Manager Chris Mitchell said Lake Weeroona currently has an infestation of curly pondweed (Potamogeton crispus) – a common species in shallow lakes that have a high nutrient content.

“Recent rainfall and the current environmental conditions have been advantageous to the weed growth in Lake Weeroona,” Mr Mitchell said.

“The last time we had this level of weed growth at Lake Weeroona was in 2017.

“The City has secured the services of Aquatic Technologies who will use an aquatic weed control vessel to harvest the weeds.

“The harvesting work is expected to commence on Monday November 28 and should take approximately a week to complete. 

“The work will benefit all users of the Lake and generally improve the look of the area.”

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