City commences Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment works

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The City of Greater Bendigo has commenced treating approximately 1,500 Elm trees located in local streets, parks and reserves for Elm Leaf Beetle.

City of Greater Bendigo Parks and Open Space Manager Paul Gangell said Elm Leaf Beetle is a serious pest in our region with both adult beetles and larvae feeding on the leaves of local Elm trees.

“Unfortunately if left untreated Elm Leaf Beetles will completely defoliate the tree,” Mr Gangell said.

“Greater Bendigo’s Elm Tree population is 3,000 and the City aims to treat each Elm tree every two or three years.  This year 1,500 Elm trees will be treated through the program.

“The control program uses either soil injection or stem injection methods to deliver insecticide to the tree.

“This provides protection from the Elm Leaf Beetle to the majority of the Elm trees in our parks and streets, although some isolated pest outbreaks can happen.

“The isolated outbreaks may require follow up treatment and foliage spraying of insecticide to limit damage to the Elm trees.

“The program helps to maintain the long term health and structural integrity of the trees by reducing early leaf drop experienced during heavy infestations.”

The City’s Elm Leaf Beetle Control Program is expected to be completed by September.

Residents with Elm Trees on their property should contact a suitably experienced Arborist business to treat their trees as the City does not treat privately owned trees. 

For further information about the program or to report any outbreaks of live beetles or larvae causing damage to Elm tree leaves in local streets, parks or reserves please contact the City on 5434 6000.


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