City praises residents recycling efforts

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The City of Greater Bendigo is praising the efforts of residents following a 50 per cent reduction in the amount of recyclable materials placed in their general waste bins.

 A recent audit of 250 general waste, organics and recycling bins was undertaken by experienced composition waste auditors has shown that recyclable material in general waste bins has halved from 40 per cent in 2017 to 20 per cent in 2018.

Other findings from the audit:-

  • Organics in the general waste bin has dropped from 22% to 20%, (this is mostly food waste)
  • The recycling found in the general waste bin is largely paper and cardboard and plastic bottles. (Recyclables in plastic bags also make up a portion of this contamination)
  • Contamination in recycling bins has increased from 9% to 30%, this is mostly bagged residual waste and bagged recyclables.
  • Contamination in the organics bin is exceptionally low with only 0.5% contamination, a drop from 2% in 2017.

City of Greater Bendigo Chief Executive Officer Craig Niemann said the results are good news and a great achievement by both residents and the City’s Resource, Recovery and Education staff. 

“Council has made a strong commitment to educate the community about waste management and it is clearly paying dividends,” Mr Niemann said.
“In the last 12 months the City has implemented targeted school education, had a presence at major events, undertaken a significant advertising campaign and produced a range of publications to educate the community about what goes in each bin.
“The main focus has been on recycling and ensuring recyclable materials are kept out of the general waste stream.  This is very important because for every tonne of waste we send to landfill the City must pay the Environment Protection Authority $63.28 per tonne.  In the last financial year this totalled a massive $5M.
“We will now use the results of this latest audit to inform our community education campaign so that we can continue to target the areas we need to see further improvement in, especially keeping contaminants out of the recycling bin.
“While we still have some work to do I want to congratulate residents for their commitment to doing the right thing and keeping recyclables out of their general waste bin.  Keep up the great work.”

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