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The draft Greater Bendigo City Council Community Local Law has been released for public comment, following the review and consolidation of Local Laws 3, 4 and 5

Local laws must be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain relevant and reflect current expectations of Council. Local laws can be reviewed at any time after they are made and expire after 10 years.

Mayor Cr Margaret O’Rourke said the review was designed to further enhance good governance across the municipality.

“Local laws are just one regulatory tool available to Local Government to help it manage the safety, amenity, and protection of its assets and the environment specific to its municipality,” Cr O’Rourke said.

“The focus of this review has been to reduce red tape and ensure the local laws under review remain relevant and reflect the contemporary expectations of the community and the Local Government sector.

“Council is asking the community to consider if the new draft law adequately addresses issues or concerns regarding public spaces, environment, amenity, community safety, and fair use of public space and roads.

“All feedback is welcome.”

Key changes have been made to the following areas:

  • Domestic waste – Introduces the City’s Waste Services Code of Practice as a reference document, which focuses on education rather than enforcement
  • Open air burning – Introduces restrictions on land greater than 1ha to control large burn offs (permits will be required)
  • European wasps and bees – Nests of bees no longer need to be destroyed (wasps still need to be destroyed)
  • Droving of livestock – Removes the need for a permit to drive livestock through the municipality (physically walk them on the road)
  • Property numbers – Removes requirement for property numbers to be displayed (other forms of legislation provide for this)
  • Sale of vehicles on roads – Additional ‘goods’ added, e.g. trailers, horse floats, jet skis, caravans also cannot be sold on roadsides
  • Placement of waste skip bins – Introduces the need for a permit to place bins on road reserves and nature strips
  • Third party advertising on footpaths and road reserves – Updates permit controls to limit the amount of advertising
  • Designated smoke free zones – Introduces the ability for Council to designate an area or areas of the municipality a smoke-free zone
  • Activities in a public place – Updates the list of prescribed activities in a public place requiring a permit. The Commercial Fitness Operators Policy becomes a reference document
  • Activities in the Hargreaves Mall – Dogs must be on a lead at all times (previously prohibited from being in the Mall). Removes all references to the control of motor vehicles (vehicle movements in the Mall must adhere to the road rules)
  • Updated penalty units – changes to the maximum penalty units people can be fined in a court for disobeying the local law

A copy of the draft Greater Bendigo City Council Community Local Law, its attachments and the explanatory fact sheets may be inspected or obtained from City of Greater Bendigo offices at 195-229 Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo and 125 High Street, Heathcote or online at www.bendigo.vic.gov.au/communitylocallaw

All submissions regarding the draft Greater Bendigo City Council Community Local Law must be made in writing and will be considered in accordance with Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989. If a submitter wishes to appear in person, or be represented by a person, to speak to their submission, this should be specifically requested in their written submission.

The closing date for submissions is 5pm Monday February 26, 2018. All submissions should be addressed to Caroline Grylls, Manager Safe and Healthy Environments, City of Greater Bendigo, PO Box 733 Bendigo 3552.

To read the draft Local Law online, visit http://www.bendigo.vic.gov.au/About/Document-Library/greater-bendigo-city-council-community-local-law


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