Dry weather impacting on City's road grading program

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A lack of rain is severely impacting on the quality of the City of Greater Bendigo’s unsealed roads grading maintenance program.

City of Greater Bendigo Works Manager Adrian Gasperoni said the City is responsible for grading over 1600 kilometres of gravel roads throughout the municipality.

“Because of a lack of rain over the summer and as a result minimal moisture below the surface of the road, the quality of our unsealed road grading program is not up to its usual standard,” Mr Gasperoni said.

“The ongoing dry weather makes grading far less effective and the job doesn’t last as long as it should.

“We usually expect our grading jobs to last for more than three months but because there is no moisture in the ground, the job is only lasting about six weeks.

“There are usually five graders working full time at this time of the year but at present we need to cart water further distances and use more of it and this is slowing our grading crews down. Furthermore, with the hot weather, the water is evaporating almost as quickly as we apply it.

“Even when the rain finally does arrive it could take some time to catch up with the road grading program.

“I urge residents to drive carefully on our gravel roads and be patient.”


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