Flood study and White Hills Heritage Study gazetted

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The Bendigo Urban Flood Study and Stage 2 of the White Hills and East Bendigo Heritage Study were last week gazetted by the State Government and now form part of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.

The flood study, which was undertaken in 2013, is one of the largest and most comprehensive urban flood studies undertaken in Victoria and provides up to date flood mapping of Bendigo. It affects approximately 5,000 properties.

The planning scheme amendment makes a number of changes, including:

  • Removing Environmental Significance Overlay from approximately 1,200 properties located within 100 metres of constructed or non-designated water ways
  • Removing the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay from all land in the study area (approximately 2,000 properties)
  • Applying Land Subject to Inundation Schedule 1 to approximately 4,000 properties (liable to flooding of up to 350mm in a one-in-100 year flood event)
  • Applying Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Schedule 2 to about 1,500 properties that are liable to flooding or more than 350mm in a one-in-100 year flood event
  • Applying Special Building Overlay Schedule 1 to approximately 392 properties (where the capacity of storm water drainage is exceeded)
  • Applying Special Building Overlay Schedule 2 to about 327 properties (land protected by the Bendigo Creek earthen levee)

Director Strategy and Growth Bernie O’Sullivan said the study and flooding controls would assist future land use planning and development decisions and help minimise risks to the Bendigo community from flooding.

“This amendment affects a large number of residents and we encourage anyone who would like more information to contact the City for assistance,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

Stage 2 of the White Hills and East Bendigo Heritage Study applies heritage controls to important heritage places in Ascot, Bendigo, East Bendigo, Epsom, North Bendigo, and White Hills.

“The Study applied the Heritage Overlay to 16 places of individual heritage significance, three miners’ cottages, five new heritage precincts, and extended two existing precincts,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“This Heritage Study is part of Council’s rolling heritage program to comprehensively study, identify and protect Greater Bendigo’s important heritage assets.”

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