Heathcote Landfill to become transfer station

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From July 1, 2018 the Heathcote Landfill will become the Heathcote Transfer Station and will operate from 8am to 5pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

City of Greater Bendigo Resource Recovery and Education Manager Brooke Pearce said the Heathcote Landfill is finally reaching its capacity resulting in the need to change operations at the site.

“Currently about 55 per cent of the waste that has been deposited on the tipping face at Heathcote Landfill is recyclable. This is material that could have been diverted from landfill and recycled,” Ms Pearce said.

“The conversion to a transfer station will allow us to increase the separation and recovery of recyclable materials from the waste stream, which means that less will end up in landfill.

“Residents will still be able to dispose of their household waste and recyclables at the site, and by sorting their load prior they will save on disposal costs.

“By separating recyclable materials prior to disposal residents will have lower gate fees and this not only benefits the resident but also prevents valuable resources ending up in landfill.

“Domestic quantities of recyclable materials will be accepted at the site free of charge.  This includes comingled recyclables, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, cardboard and polystyrene.

“In addition, domestic green waste will also be accepted free of charge from July 1, 2018.

“Hopefully residents will see this as a positive change.  Not only will we see less going to landfill but residents who sort their loads will also benefit by paying less in disposal fees.

“The transfer station will continue to offer a range of pre-loved items for sale at bargain prices.

It’s great news for residents of the Heathcote district.”

A full list of what will be accepted at the Heathcote Transfer Station is available at www.bendigo.vic.gov.au


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