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New yellow lines to indicate no stopping are beginning to appear on some local Bendigo roads including sections of Somerville, Houston and Lowndes Street and around fire station driveways with more expected in the future.

City of Greater Bendigo Engineering Manager Brett Martini said while even the most knowledgeable drivers may not realise what the yellow lines mean, a national road rule has existed since 2009.

“Under the national road rule a yellow line may be painted along a kerb to indicate no parking in that area. This yellow line may be used in conjunction with a no stopping sign or used instead of one, so drivers should not assume just because there is no sign that they are allowed to park there,” Mr Martini said.

“The yellow lines are used to ensure the safety of all road users and no parking areas at locations where parking will impair visibility for other motorists, the road is too narrow for parking or it is too close to an intersection or a slip lane.

“The yellow lines were introduced to decrease the number of road signs and clutter on streets, which can sometimes distract and confuse motorists.

“The City is urging motorists to familiarise themselves with the yellow line rules to avoid receiving a fine.”

Stopping in a zone with indicated yellow lines will result in a parking fine in most locations and a fine and the loss of two demerit points in a school zone.

Yellow lines will also be installed by VicRoads along sections of the new duplicated Napier Street.

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