Organics caddy liners being delivered to local homes

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Between July and September more than 38,000 households in Bendigo and Marong will begin receiving a new 12 month supply of compostable kitchen caddy liners to collect food waste for their organics bin. 

Along with a new roll of caddy liners residents will also receive a magnetised A–Z guide to disposing of waste to put on their fridge and an information booklet about the City’s three bin system to keep as a handy reference guide.  This information is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to educate residents on how to better sort the waste they generate at home.

City of Greater Bendigo Resource Recovery and Education Manager Brooke Pearce said the compostable caddy liners are made only from corn starch and vegetable oil so that they breakdown in around 30 days when commercially composted. 

“Because they are designed to breakdown, residents should store their liners in a dark, cool, dry place to ensure they last for a full year,” Ms Pearce said.

“If residents happen to run out of caddy liners before their new roll arrives they can obtain a small carry over pack from the City’s Lyttleton Terrace office.  Or if residents still have plenty of caddy liners left over they are free to pass them onto  neighbours, friends or family members or return them to the City’s Lyttleton Terrace office as we understand  that some households don’t use as many as others.

“Plastic bags must never be used in the organics bin so to avoid contaminating your organic waste bin please only use the caddy liners supplied by the City.

“Residents have adapted very well to the City’s three bin system but while contamination in local organics bins is low, recent bin audits have shown us that people are still putting food and garden waste in their general waste bins.  This is something we really want them to improve on in the future.”

The new caddy liners are being delivered by staff from Access Contractors -  a local social enterprise that provides supported employment for over 100 people with disability.

Since it was introduced in September 2016 the City has diverted over 18,300 tonnes of organic waste from landfill and turned it into compost for reuse on gardens, parks and reserves.

Tips for using your kitchen caddy and liners:-

  • Store caddy liners in a dark, cool, dry place
  • Change the caddy liner every two/three days
  • Do not place hot food in the caddy liner
  • Place paper towel on the bottom of your caddy liner to soak up any moisture that can cause the liner to break down quicker than normal.
  • Double wrap meat and bones with newspaper or paper towel before placing in your caddy.
  • Wrap fish and seafood waste with newspaper or paper towel and place in your freezer until your next organics collection is due.
  • Make sure you tie a knot in your caddy liner when it is full and before you place it in your organics bin.


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